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Wallpaper Installer

Cushioned Leather

Mystique toasted almond leather wall panels

Lithographic Mural Reproduction

Chinese Town Mural

Chinese Rural Village

Hand painted by Gracie’s artists.

Chinese Town Mural

Wood Venner

Over Paper Backed

Canvas Painted

English silk pattern inspired on a mural

Innovating and transforming your space.


Master bedroom

100% / Non woven wallpaper /
Botanical, Beach Style.



Watercolor client creation
on textured paper.


Breakfast Room

Radish moon / Watercolor Stripe
100% Linen / Natural.


Jeovani Álvarez

Wallpaper Installer

Jeovani Alvarez specializes in installing high-end wallpaper for interior designers in New York City. He works with remarkably skilled workers who have been installing wallpaper for years. His team has experience with specialty papers such as murals, fabrics, vintage, etc. These papers require careful installation by people with the skill set and knowledge on how to work with them.
Jeovani and his team offers innovative service with the capacity to articulate and combine  designs, textures, colors, and dimensions creatively and assertively. He prides himself on the execution and the quality of his work through passion, honesty, responsibility, and most important punctuality.

Give me a call or send me an email. I am always here to help out in whatever way I can. Contact me